Fraternal order of alaska state troopers

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THE Museum

The Alaska Law Enforcement Museum  houses a rich collection of the history of those officers who brought law and order to one of the most rugged and far-flung jurisdictions in America. Come and discover their stories. The museum is operated by F.O.A.S.T. and  supported by your donations.

THE gift shop

Within the museum is a gift shop offering a wide range of Alaska State Trooper memorabilia and souvenirs. We have t-shirts and sweatshirt and a variety of law enforcement books. Proceeds help fund charity activities and the museum.


Historical items from the early days of law enforcement in Alaska are here: the 18-lb "Oregon Boot," the original "Lunch Box" radio, the classic "Tommy Gun," an original "Taser," and much more. We have a gun collection, original paintings, a vintage office, and a documentary movie to explain it all.

Women Police

CSI Section

Patch room

Contact Us:
Office: (907) 279-5050

245 West Fifth Ave, Suite 113 Anchorage, AK 99501

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